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Take Control System

Ready to jump start your organizing project?  Work with Nettie to make it happen!

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Are You Ready to Create a Space that Supports WHO You Are, WHAT you are doing and WHRE you are going?

  • Do you have a hard time letting go?
  • Are you bringing in more stuff than you can handle?
  • Are you overwhelmed with your time and your space?
  • Do you sometimes find it hard to let people in?
  • Are you frustrated because you feel like you are spinning your wheels?
  • Are you feeling pulled in too many directions?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have enough time?
  • Are you feeling stuck caring for both your children and your parents?


Take Control of your clutter and live more peacefully, create systems, receive support and let go of what is holding you back with Sappari Solutions’ Take Control Organizing System.


Cluttered CathyMeet Cluttered Cathy

“I am successful, I make good money but I am stressed and overwhelmed in my home and/or office.  I want to have time again and not be worrying about my stuff.  Even if the main living space is clear or I can keep it together in the office, I have hidden spaces that haunt me.  Thinking about them makes me overwhelmed/feel sick to my stomach” – Cluttered Cathy
Instead of owning your stuff, your stuff owns you.  You have successfully made it this far but at what cost?  Life is difficult and there is no space to live.  You want to take back control and free up space so that you can thrive.  You typically have at least one unusually cluttered room or space and this has been a challenge for you for a while.



Does this sound like you?

You are a giver and a helper and typically people turn to you because in many other ways you get things done. But being the giver has caught up with you and you are having a hard time keeping up.  Finding the time, energy and space to tackle this area of your life, knowing where to begin and then what to do with the stuff once you start eludes you.  You have probably tried a solution in the past or feel like you should be able to do this on your own but you are stymied.  Even if you have gotten organized in the past, it didn’t stick and you are back to square one or worse.  You feel beaten and are seeking real and lasting change.

What is not working?

Although you are making things work, you are reaching a tipping point.  If something were to happen to you, it is possible that everything would come crashing down.   If you had a home emergency (failed water heater, broken washing machine, etc), technicians may not be able to get to you or the equipment they needed and you were be embarrassed to have them in your space. Things are getting lost, balls are being dropped, bills go unpaid even though you have the money to pay them.  You either choose to work home projects instead of taking time to relax or you escape to avoid dealing with the stuff and it just piles up more.  Either way there is a constant undercurrent nagging at you to deal with this stuff. In addition, there is a vicious cycle that occurs when you cannot find what you are looking for and must buy it again because things just pile up more.  The only way you see to get out of this state is by working harder but that thought leaves you with a sense of dread.

There is a solution

It’s time to get out from underneath the clutter.  And it is not just physical clutter that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams but the clutter in your schedule and your mind.  The focus for you right now needs to be on identifying the issues, finding their source, letting go of that stuff that is holding you back.  You need to set goals and prioritize around what it is you are trying to achieve and why that is important to you.  You need non-judgmental support so that you can move beyond the roadblock and get you cruising again, living life and enjoying abundance.  You may have more going on that you perceive but are not acknowledging fully and are currently unaware of.  And, you likely need to take more time to take care of yourself.  It is critical that you establish or re-establish the routines and habits that will allow you freedom.  And, it is equally important that you shed your tried and failed processes and thoughts that are not going to allow you to move forward.  In doing so you will literally create the space for you to live.

The Take Control System Details

The Take Control System was designed with you in mind.  I created it to give you the exact steps necessary to move you from overwhelmed, tired, guilty, and cluttered.  Yes, you DO want to declutter your life but doing so will not bring you happiness unless you are making room for living.  Organization is not an end in and of itself, it is only a tool to give you access to all the space, time and energy you need to live more fully.   You could do it yourself but the reality is that doing so would require learning how to do it, find the time to do it, creating the system, implementing it and also coming up with a way to maintain it.  But you don’t have to, the focus of the Take Control System is to provide you with the exact steps needed to go from overwhelmed to in control and also provide 100% of the support you need to implement.  

What results can you expect?

Participants in the Take Control System are amazing at just how quickly they begin to see results.  Often within just the first 2 modules they are achieving more calm, clarity and peace in their homes and in their minds. You can expect your level of stress to diminish and for you to gain independence from the thoughts that overwhelm you.  As, you continue in the program and you address the clutter and begin to let go, you will free up physical space.  At the same time, you will be addressing issues in your schedule to both create time for your project and time for you.  You will create systems, learn organizing skills and establish habits.  

Only $147/month for 12 months – Work weekly with Profesional Organizer, Nettie Owens, CPO-CD

Get Organized with Nettie Owens, CPO-CD

Weekly 1 hour group coaching sessions with Nettie Owens

The System + All Bonus Materials & Support

Take Control System

Plus, the 60-Minute Weekly Planning Guide.

The Take Control System includes:

  • The Take Control System Workbook delivered to your address

  • Take Control System modules and webinars delivered bi-weekly

  • Step by step information to tackle your project

  • Welcome Module & Appendix of Tips & Tricks

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • 24/7 Access to Sappari Solutions Membership Portal (with additional training, documents, guides, and videos)

Value: $5997  Your Price $147/month (a 71% savings!!) 

“I’m well aware and know I need the help, but honestly don’t know where to find the time to actually help myself! After reading this, I do feel motivated! I am naturally a skeptic, so I will see what is possible, but the positive wording and detailed step by step guidance described makes it all seem very possible. The people involved have impressive credentials and makes me feel like I will be well cared for.”

– Jill, TC System User

“It was the easiest!…I am just basking in the glow of knowing I have great people waiting to help me! I especially appreciate the brief welcome module.  You were clear in all aspects and especially the steps we would be taking together.”  

— Rachel, TC System User

“I’ve been talking you up to my VA colleagues about how you & Jennifer have helped get me back on track!”

– Carol, TC System User

“It gives me confidence!”

– Lucy, TC System User

Frequently Asked Questions About The Take Control Organizing System

Nettie Owens


An Interview with Nettie Owens, CPO-CD, creator of the Take Control System.



You have tried other organizing solutions in the past, are you wondering if this one will work for you?

Ok, so you are probably thinking how do I know this is going to work? How do I know the 10 steps of The Take Control System will make the difference when others have not?

I began my organizing business over twelve years ago. In many ways, I was a pretty organized person but I was always looking for a way to make it work, make it stick and keep on top of everything and this was when I was just handling myself and my husband. Fast forward and you will find that I now have 3 children, 2 with special needs, and have worked with literally hundreds of clients. Most of the people that I work with would be considered chronically disorganized. What I have found over the years is what has worked for me personally also works with my clients AND what has worked with my clients works in my home. I have read books, taught classes, worked one on one and in groups. With all of these clients and in my home, it was one thing to read a book and try a new technique but lasting change was something more elusive. After the shiny thrill of the new technique wore off. By this point, I had begun teaching classes on organizing and had found for people to be successful whether they were working independently or with me there needed to be certain systems in place. Hence, the 10 step process was created. When our clients succeed it is because they have followed these steps.

Listen to Carol’s Story



Reach Your Best Self

“It gives me confidence!”

– Lucy, TC System User

Are You Ready?

“I’m well aware and know I need the help, but honestly don’t know where to find the time to actually help myself! After reading this, I do feel motivated! I am naturally a skeptic, so I will see what is possible, but the positive wording and detailed step by step guidance described makes it all seem very possible. The people involved have impressive credentials and makes me feel like I will be well cared for.”

– Jill, TC System User

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone that would be reading this blog, a big component of this all has to come from within you. You have to let down your guard and truly look inside yourself to get the most out of the processes of working with the team at Sappari. If you are reading this blog and looking at Sappari’s website, you’ve made the first step towards loving yourself!”

Cathy, Organizing Client [Read her story]

Make the Choice to Stay Where You Are or Move Forward

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