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Be A Witness

“Having a family is the promise to be a witness to the mundane moments someone’s whole life.” – Alicia McDowell   On March 21, I invited Alicia McDowell, Executive Director of Araminta Freedom Initiative, to share with the community what her organization is doing to support survivors of human trafficking….  
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Taming the Mail Monster

call for help in organizing paper clutter

It’s never just one Mail Monster, is it?  It’s all the little monsters that add up to make handling paper a big chore.   The Never-Ending Monster – It seems, sometimes, like the amount of mail coming into our homes is never ending.  The Never-Ending Monster multiples when you make…  
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Sappari Solutions Helping Araminta STOP Human Trafficking

On Tuesday, March 21, Sappari Solutions is hosting a charity event at Fazzini’s Taverna in Cockeysville, MD, in support of the Araminta Freedom Initiative. We are teaming up with Araminta to help end the sex trafficking of children here in the Baltimore area.  ARAMINTA STORY “Araminta was Harriet Tubman’s given…  
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How I Became An Organizer

I am often asked HOW I became a professional organizer. And, I typically just do a little hand waving to describe what brought me into this profession and how I love to help people change their lives. It all seems a bit cliche. But, today, I open my heart to…  
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Recommended Provider Interview: Amanda Hinman

Amanda Hinman, what do you do? I am a Family Health Expert and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that works with moms who feel exhausted or stuck because of a difficult situation with their child.  Whether you have a child facing anxiety, ADD, allergies or seizures, as a mom, you want…  
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Mom’s Reclaiming Her Space

Becky’s story is similar to so many mom’s stories.  She is juggling what feels like a thousand different things and forgetting to take care of herself.  With the help of Sappari Solutions, Becky has reclaimed her home and space.  Becky is now in greater alignment and sharing her story with…  
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Creating A Sanctuary

What is a ‘sanctuary’? Today, I am sharing with you just a little bit about the word sanctuary.  It’s an appropriate word for February because this is a month of love and caring.  We really celebrate our relationships not only with others but also ourselves in February.  We should celebrate…  
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Recommended Provider Interview: Sensei Victoria Whitfield

What do you do? My business provides deep spiritual support, training and retreat experiences on holistic stress management, energywork and natural intuition mastery to serious spiritual seekers, creative and driven entrepreneurs, and heart-centered organizations so they can feel and be truly grounded as they step fully and abundantly into their divine life purpose….  
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Fun Organizing On The Richard Wilmore Show

Learn more about professional organizing and experience it in real-time!

Vision & Reflections in Organizing

My name is Nettie Owens. I’m with Sappari Solutions, creator of the Take Control System. I’m a certified professional organizer in chronic disorganization. This is not going to be very structured, so I hope you will just go with the flow with me. But I’ve got some things I wanted to…  
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