Who We Are

Hello and Welcome!  I am so glad you are here.  My name is Nettie Owens.  I am a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization.


My mission is to empower YOU to take control of YOUR life and to help you live more purposefully by revealing what is essential, creating systems and helping you shed the excess that is holding you back.


Since 2004, I have been looking for you and working with others like you to live my mission and purpose.  I have found others whose mission is similar to mine to help as well.  It is so important to me to help you!  I want you know, right now, that you are not alone.  That you are more than the frustration and overwhelm you are experiencing.    And that whatever your space and schedule look like, they are not you!

When I am not teaching my mission, I am living it within my own family.  I am married with three children who challenge, inspire and teach me every day.  I LOVE to cook for them and to create a peaceful, beautiful environment that supports our goals of having fun, learning, exploring our world and helping others.


Do you feel that your environment reflects WHO you are, WHAT you are doing and WHERE you are going?

Being organized does not mean a perfect home, straight out of Martha Stewart Living™ magazine.   It means peace, calm, having items you need when you need them.  It means fewer family battles and having more gratitude.  It means loving coming home and creating a sanctuary.  It means a schedule that works for you and supporting the way you think.  However, your efforts for organization may be thwarted by many factors including:

You may have tried other organizing systems or solutions in the past but found you were just not able to stick with it or that it didn’t ‘work’ for you.  After serving hundreds of individuals over the years, studying many organizing methods, learning how our brains and bodies work and applying these ideas to myself, I have determined what works and what doesn’t.  I have created the Take Control System ™. This system defines the specific steps Sappari Solutions uses to bring our clients from overwhelmed to in control with a more peaceful, positive outlook on not only their space but also their life.

What does “Sappari” mean?

Sappari is a Japanese word that means feeling refreshed or neat. It’s that refreshed feeling you have after getting out of the shower.  Or the crisp, clean taste of cucumber salad.  Sappari is light and lively.   Do you seek to live a more Sappari life?

An organized home or office creates a peaceful environment that encourages creativity and family support. You will save time and be more relaxed when you have only what you need and love surrounding you.

In the Community

Let’s face it, the world is pretty small when you get down to it.  It is you and the next person you meet on the street or in your day.  At Sappari, we seek to add more kindness into the world through our compassionate work and continued service to the community.  We support many local non-profit organizations through guiding our clients to share their unwanted items with them.  In addition, we support groups such as SARC, Harford Family House, The Arc, Harford County Public Library, Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network and more with donations towards their fundraising efforts.  And, we help provide organization, gratis, to non-profits to support their mission.  Recipients of our services have included: SARC, Annas House and the Friends of Patterson Park.  For five years, Sappari coordinated the Harford County event Clear Your Clutter Day.  Recently, we have become advocates for the group Araminta Freedom Initiative whose efforts support victims of human trafficking and work to end modern slavery.

Why Sappari?  What makes us unique?

There are LOTS of organizers out in the world and each has her own unique why of approaching a project and situation.  Individuals who chose Sappari have told us the reason was that they appreciated the holistic approach.  To us, it is not about creating a beautiful space or placing books neatly on the shelf or even about getting rid of the clutter.  We seek to understand why you are having a challenge and make a change at the source.  This involves looking at your strengths and your challenges, what has worked in the past and what has not. We look at all the people in your household.  We also ensure that you are in charge of the project and the decision-making at all times.  You have it within yourself to create and maintain the perfect environment for you.  In addition, confidentiality is maintained at all times.

When you hire any professional, you are selecting them for their experience, expertise, and efficiency.   Nettie Owens has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2004 and a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization since 2010.  She also holds the designation of Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, an international distinction held by fewer than 100 organizers worldwide.   She has used this extensive training, her experience and her Take Control System methodology to teach each Sappari organizer.

We hold these six core values that define the work we do within Sappari and with you:

1 Compassion

2 Professionalism

3 Problem Solving

4 Communication

5 Continuous Self-Improvement

6 Positive Attitude.


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